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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not an easy job

People say that many things are different from before and nowdays. Children before were so obedient compare to modern kids. The kids before were followed parent's adviced. When the parents say no, means its a no. No compromise or discussion. Nowdays, when the children were told not to do things, they can ask the older back reasons why some things are prohibited. As for the older, just get prepared with reasonable answers or the kids will talk back or complaint. Thats the difference.

Talking about career, some people think that some jobs are easy compared to other job. How could they know? only by seeing it from far. Is it really easy or just looks easy? Doesn't mean that it looks easy, it is an easy job too. It is unfair to say so without experiencing it on their own. So, before we jump into conclusion, please take into account some possible reasons for some things.

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