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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mad About The Boy

     Affair?? nda... aku x nk menghangatkan lagi 'list' isteri2 curang.... tidak... aku nda curang pd suamiku yg baik... just aku suker plaks dgr lelagu lama omputeh/omhitam neh.... coz aper tau?? sebutan depa jelas... sora pon mmg jelas time mendendangkan lagu tuh... senang nk phm, melodi pon besh.... aper lagikkk....laayaaannnn Dinah Washington.....

Mad about the boy
I know it's stupid to be mad about the boy
I'm so ashamed of it but must admit the sleepless nights I've had
About the boy

On the silverscreen
He melts my foolish heart in every single scene
Although I'm quite aware that here and there are traces of the cad
About the boy

Lord knows I'm not a fool girl
I really shouldn't care
Lord knows I'm not a school girl
In the fury of her first affair

Will it ever cloy
This odd diversity of misery and joy
I'm feeling quite insane and young again
And all because I'm mad about the boy

So if I could employ
A little magic that will finally destroy
This dream that pains me and enchains me
But I can't because I'm mad...
I'm mad about the boy

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