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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Syurga Cinta

There are 3 types of love. First, love from demons. It means when boy falls for girl, they go on dates, holding hands, making out some romance etc until the girl got pregnant.
Secondly, love from genies.The boy falls for the girl but the girl hesitate to accept his love. So, the boy goes to shaman and put spell on the girl. Poofffffff!!! Out of expectation, the girl crazily can't sleep without thinking of the boy.Soon, they got married and only Allah knows what would happen after that.
Lastly, love from Allah. The boy and the girl fall in love at the first sight. When seeing each other for the first time, the soft feeling goes gently to their heart and it's undeniable.The boy takes next step of asking her hand for marriage and the girl accept with gratefulness to Allah.Both families are not having objection as the boy go through the steps which follows religion and custom.
The explanation of love through character of 'Atuk' in the movie (handled by experienced Hisyam Ahmad Tajudin)was so simple yet easy to be understood; especially by teenagers and not-so-high-minded thinkers (take me as an life example..;-) )seems to be so brilliant. Up to what i've remembered, this is the first MIG film that is made like that. The previous movies were just ordinary spending time during weekends.
Our teenagers nowadays feel that it's not 'cool' to stay and contribute to the country.They don't feel shame to take as much as they can from the country but refuse to give back.The responsibility was put on friends' shoulder.... to be cont

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