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Monday, June 8, 2009

When you are sleepy or not feeling well.....

It was already 1 week. time flies very fast. There goes my holiday. Still have 1 week before continuing my job. Still have many papers to mark. 6 June 2009 was a time to go back to Shah Alam even though my family worked verryyy hard coaxing my husband to go back on Sunday.
11 am, we were still in PP. Traffic was okay, not so congested. We were following a black Toyota Avanza that moved very slow even it was a new one from its look. I was immersing myself into reading newspaper when suddenly my husband screamed," Allah... Allah..." for several time. Shocked, i put the paper now. Right in front of me, i saw that Avanza had 'landed' at the side of the road. Thanks Allah, there was only a drain not deep ravine. I asked my husband to pull over, as he was the only witness. The other cars from other side stop by to help. We jumped out of the car, leaving Imran alone and tried to open the Avanza's door. My attempt failed, then it worked when my husband give a hand. Upon opening the door, i felt sympathy for three little boys. One was crying but the other two remained calm even they have some injury. I get one of the boys, maybe the youngest. Blood was on his swelling forehead and from his nose and mouth. Maybe, from broken teeth. I tried to calm myself but while putting out my hand to get second boy from other helping hands, my hands were shaking like i am the one who involved in the accident. Just imagine if the accident was the worse than this one.
When all the victims were taken out of the car; some men suggested them to sit under shady trees. But the driver; father of the boys sat on the grass near his car. Suddenly, he was having concussion. The rest of the men were only watching; not knowing what to do. Then, the driver woke up and sat as nothing happened. I asked the driver and he said he was having pain on chest. I'm afraid that he had lung complication or heart complication. After calling the police, my husband said he wanted to continue the journey as it was already afternoon. Checking everything, we departured with hope that the nothing serious will happen to the driver and the family.
The wife's driver said that her husband might fell asleep. I also thought that the wife was sleeping as well when i saw her condition after getting out from the car. Falling asleep while driving happens to most of us; even my husband and myself. It is due to long journey and traffic congestion. Do we have some tips on how to overcome the two reasons? Traffic jammed, any solution for that?
Government's campaign on 'Berhenti seketika sekiranya mengantuk' should not be taken for granted. Do not think that you are strong and young enough to feel tired after a long drive. If you are not feeling well, continue your leave as it may save your life and your loved ones too. Remember, when you are sleepy or not well, do not drive.... i really mean it!!

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