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Friday, December 25, 2009

Akhirrrnyaaaa..... ( HP Future Is..... Nurture )

     Setelah beberapa lama, kami berjaya mendapatkan pc untuk Imran. Maka selepas ini tiadalah sesi perebutan laptop atau masa menunggu yang lama bagi orang yang selepasnya untuk menggunakan laptop itu. Syukur alhamdulillah aku panjatkan kepada Allah yang maha kaya lagi mengasihani hambaNya, kerana mengurniakan rezeki ini. Hahahahha.... sekarang pun aku tengah 'menikmati' masa-masa 'keemasan' berdua2an dengan laptop aku neh. Imran? tengah mengadap komputer baru beliau, main game lorrrrr.... appa lagikkk... tp bkn itu ajer... beliau juger agak 'hardcore' dlm. surfing terutama mengenai kereta, Dora, Diego, Wonderpets & Spongebobs yg beliau minati. Bkn game ajer tau....

Punyolaaa bersungguh-sungguh 'menelaah' game kt pc......ehehehheeehhe

Beliau ngah menerai game yg baru didpti ( bkn game baru, dh sizen game neh tp br dpt kt beliau...eheheh)

     During my time (waaayyyyy back then....), the word 'computer' means prestige, 'the only rich people stuff', need more money, expensive... yadda, yadda, bla....blaaa...blaaa.... that was really out of my reach. I only can think of it. In my secondary years, joining 'Kelab Komputer' is only a dream for me. Why? Because of its rm10 fees!! Expensive? Can say.... or the honestly true fact is, my parents think that it's a waste of money investing in nuthing. Yeah, computer is nothing. That time ( for certain people ), the only way to study, excell, get good results etc was only through textbook and nothing else. Textboook, FULLSTOP!
     But, thanks Allah.... nowdays, we have a superb creation that can take us to anywhere.... just by sitting in your room. And what is that?? Nothing than a computer; or lappy or whatever you call it. I remember when I got my first pay, I can't think of anything else than a computer in my room. Then, after a journey to Plaza Imbi, a set of pc was in my room. My heart felt like dancing and bouncing as finally I got what i dreamt for. Starting from that moment, no turning back for me in doing and experiencing what i love most; chatting and surfing.
     Being modern parents, I do not want my Imran Zamir to experience the same hard moment in his life, especially in utilizing technology in his daily routine. As far as we can, we provide him with a 2nd. hand pc which we can afford. Since he was a baby, Imran showed very high enthutiasm in computers. Most of the time, he discover functions of programme that I do not know; and that portrays a very good sign of a success in nurturing your new generations in IT. I wish I could tell people especially parents out there not to over spend on so-called brand new cars, imported and branded furnitures but rather on technology. I dare to guarantee that there are big gaps especially level of thinking between children without computer and children who have computer and internet connection. Have faith on me!!
     'Speaking' on 'HP's Future Is' Contest, I'd rather say that what future mean to me is to nurture our new generations with ethical and good way of internet surfing, enhancing the awareness to the children. It can be done in new, cheerful way by instilling the laws and regulations in school syllabus but make it across the curriculum. For instance, teaching surfing ethiquette in ICTL subject. By doing this, children will know what good and bad things in cyber world subconsciously. Hence, be sure to put it into interesting, cheerful and colourful way!!



E-na said...

waaaa kecik2 dah ada pc sendiri...jeles tu! auntie umur 33 ni baru merasa lappy huuuu...u kat umah baru ke tu?

akuzle said...

eheheh.... biasalah, ena... mak bapak dier org senang.... miahahhahhaa... tuhlaa, kiter neh dh bangka br nk merasa.... tp yerlaa, rejekinyer mcm tuh kan? ha ah, dh fully moved to new hse... ngah reno dapo... bukak skola tp lom pueh cuti... ponek mindah umah...eheheheh... smpai nk berFB ngan melawat2 blog pon x smpt....huhuhuh... sorrylah, ena... lom smpt komen kt blog Ena....