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Saturday, January 16, 2010

First MC of The Year

     Every new year, people were asked about their resolution. One of my resolution ( which is not new, just  always renew ) is working with all of my heart, always go to work early and don't simply take MC if it not really necessary. But, the resolution has been 'shattered' yesterday ( 14/1/2010 ) when my body cannot stand all the dust, smokes and the rest of pollution. The new school blocks are almost ready; now in painting stage so imagine the amount of toxic 'consume' into my body. I've to take MC, the first 1 in 2010. AArgggghhhh.... why is it so hard to be strong and tough? Or maybe because I'm not young anymore. Oklah, just to comfort myself; it's a normal thing in life to be sick. Just let the body rest 4 a while after a week of busy days. Hope this week I can finish all the work before dateline. Insyaallah!!
     Next, I should love myself more. How? maybe cut down stress level, be less angry, eat more organic food, consume anti-toxin food ( including fresh juice- whenla can i buy Jack LaLanne Power Juicer?? ). Also, after working, must go home early, must delegate time wisely; between work and family. Hmmm... seems hard but just give myself a try right? The biggest room is a room of improvement, agree??

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