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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Pet.

     Once upon a time, fishing is my hobby. To be exact, my childhood hobby. That time, the equipments were so simple and humble as they could be. Firstly, the fishing rod. I remember, it was made by a young bamboo, that bend well. Secondly, tali tangsi or the string. Then, a pelampung that is very special. Why? As it was made from one plant that can be found around the paddy field. Lastly, the mata kail. Ok, if you have these 4 things, staright away you can make your own handmade fishing rod. Bring them to parit bank, tie here, tie there and wallah!!Your 'machine' is ready to rock!!
     If people ask the anglers, when is the best part of fishing? I, on behalf of village, childhood anglers, would like to say, when the fish pulling the bait... the feeling that time, only true anglers know... nikmat yang tidak terkatalah!!.... That time, fishing in small parit, the tali air etc was enough to fulfill the 'desire'. What kind of fish?? Only ikan puyu. A small creature but don't underestimate. This kind of fish has high survival skill and the tahan lasak type, despite of its cute looks. Personally, I always admire ikan puyu. Because of its quality mention before. But when you Google it, no helpful information you will get.

Ok, last week we went to Pasar Seksyen 6, Shah Alam. I was stunned by one man with his son selling freshwater fish as pets. Stunned by some ikan puyu sold there and other fish. Instead of saving rm10 for Imran's toy, we end up the day with rm25 new pets together with the 'tank' +  the food... That I call savinggg?? HAHAHA.... ikan puyu... reminds me of my childhood, my sweet memories as a humble, kampung girl.


Memula masuk umah, jual mahal lagik. Bagi ekor dkt aku yea? Aku buat pekasam kang...hohohoho

Nak amek gambo pon x bole, x dok diam... nakal sungguh


Baru dpt tgk muka kao...


Sorrylah korg kne bersesak2 kt dlm neh

Sebangsa tp x sebulu... akan kubeli rumah berasingan buat kamu semua.


anne said...

frankly speaking i have no idea how a puyu looks like ;-)

akuzle said...

aiyah, anne.... c the photos lah... or u mean u haven't c it 'in-person' laaa? ehehhehehe.... come to my house lah.... but now only 1 left, 2 went underground olediii...sedeyyyy...