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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Date

     That day we took leave together for our son's annual concert at night. As for me, I'm always waiting for this moment. Wait a minute, this year i think this is the 1st time we do it. See how long has my hub doing his o.t without fail. And, deep in my heart, i really appreciate that. Even sometimes he seems like ignoring me & Imran, it doesn't really happen like what I see outside.
     That day, after Subuh prayer, we rested for a while then i let him prepared Imran for his kindergarten ( only rehearsal for the night ). After sending Imran to TSAR, we went for breakfast in 1 of his friend's stall in TDH. Having warm nasi lemak together with aromatic teh tarik was a precious moment which i can't compare to anything else. Even though it may look simple & nothing, but it was really like moving on time machine; 'witnessing' my hub's childhood and teenager's time long time ago. He told about the friend, his mother's stall, the rojak uncle, how delicious this uncle's rojak, together with sad story that happened to rojak's uncle late daughter ( may Allah blessed her in peace ...aminn!!! ). When it was time to pay for the food, both friend's mother and the rojak uncle still recognized my hub. Amazed, I asked my hub what does the uncle do for his life? My hub explained that he was the tok siak ( a person who does call for azan & some times lead the prayer as imam ).... Without hesitation, i expressed gratefulness upon knowing that. Why? I remembered, i read some where that people who recite and memorize Al-Quran will have strong memory and will not fotget things easily. Subhanallah!! I praise Allah for that.... The uncle's age is 70-ties and he can still cut things into small part without any spectacles!! ( the uncle was cutting long beans & my hub said he does that just to spend time forgetting his late daughter.... how sad!!)
      Ok, I'm a bit drifted away.... what i want to say just now? errrmmm....oklaaa, see the photos laaa

Coba2 nk pose dlm keta...

X sangka plaks terkontrol ayu...ehehhehe... i love the tudung!!!

ok, shot bwh...ehehhehehe

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