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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tadika Seri Anak Ria Annual Concert

     19/11/2009 was the first concert performance ever 4 my Imran Zamir. B4 that, he was very hardworking enough to practice n practice everyday. Tq to Miss Kas, his class teacher together with Miss Yap n Mrs. Ng for instilling confidence in him for the performance and well-behaviour. Kudos to Tadika Sri Anak Ria in Tmn. Datok Hormat, PJ.

the background

the dedicated Miss Kas... n good in stage make-ups as well...ehehhehe

Imran & abah... my precious


the supporter that night.


The make-up artist... Aunty Ejot.....ehehhehe


E-na said...

best kan tgk ank beraksi kt stage...mana gmbr masa perfomenya?

akuzle said...

nati nk upload... video ado tp takot nk bukak kt laptop coz nati msk kamera blk dior jd 'incompatible format'... nk setting blk x reti....huhuhuuh

Norlela Sapari said...

Congratulation ayu...For completing the first pace as a mother to an undergoing education child - IMRAN. He's marvelous with the make up...