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Monday, November 23, 2009

My First Translation Workshop

     Lazy to write. Later lah.... 4 now, enjoice the photos 1st....

1st. masterpiece....lolz

the teacher in responsibility.

She's so inspiring...

Tan, all the way from Ipoh; just to 'know' Pn. Ainon... inspiring as well.

New friends; Rozlili & Pn. Ainon.

Tired face after morning till evening class... but really i gained a lot!! & I got bonus too... knowing many new friends as they are FBners,bloggers, writers and translators.

From right: Haeqal Zulqarnain, Zamri Mohamad & Irfan Jani... talented young writers that have critical thinking.

That's all for today. When i'm hardworking again i'll do the uploading....tata!! 

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Norlela Sapari said...

Nak join leh kew...or for owng yg biase ngan DBP ajew yu..?