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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First...

     Yesterday, my beloved hubby told that there was a package for me. He mentioned about a free book. Free book? By mail? I think I haven't buy online book for soo long. Suddenly, I remember of something. I grab the package without hesitation, and then I smiled. I've been waiting for so long ( not long enough actually but the longingness is greater ) until I think I didn't deserved the 'thing'. Tq to PTS Publication for their generousity to 'award' me with something that I do in my blog. Yes, the 1st. reward i received from affiliate program. Even it's a book not something luxourious, but it's really meaningful to me, the 'first timer', still a rookie for this affiliate thing... tqvm, again....

 Inilah hadiahnyer.... bestlah!!

Surat penghargaan pun ada... trima kasih sekali lagi

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