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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Favourite Sport

     I believe most of us love sports. Doesn't matter that you are a sportive person or only a couch potato that loves to watch ESPN or whatsoever sports chanel. People go 'sporting' mostly for health matter, having dream muscular body or slim and slender one. Sports is sweating; sports push your adrenaline.
     My favourite sport?? Ok, to be honest, I never goes on doing sports or bla... bla...bla for a loonngggggg time ago (just 'refer' to my shape). I think ... maybe last time was.... errmmm.... wait a minute, not that long laa. It was before I'm getting married. I remembered that I play volleyball at my old workplace. Wah!! Now I'm not that shy to show to everyone that I have been on sports arena. That time, after work, which was almost night, we quickly changed our outfit. But, the 'mafan' part was while waiting for the corum to be filled. Haiyahhhh.....
     Volleyball... that time we mixed2 all ladies and gentlemen (which were not so gentle). Special skill or talent?? Well, kept on dreaming coz most of us only 'syiok2 sendiri' , start the ball, digging whatsoever.... we done everything as long as the didn't landed on out side. Oklah, actually most of the guys in the team got some talent laaa.... but who cares?? That time, we just released our stress and nothing more or less. Ok, that time volleyball was my favourite sports.... but still can say until now, I love volleyball lah.

Tgk gambo neh teringat citer 'Chiaki' tuh, citer Jepun tahun 80-an pasal lwn2 volleyball neh. 

     Orite, then.... wait... I remember.. during my schooldays... I involved in as many sports/games as I can or as long as there were any vacant to be filled in. I involved in hockey, athletics and some more that I couldn't remember. Don't this that this fat girl is passive arrr.... I tried to take part as long as I can. Active jugak oooo....ahahahaha
     Hockey is also my favourite sport. Some big  names that I can remember are Minarwan Nawawi (so shocked that he could dance as well), Calvin Fernandez (sooo cute...), Chuah Boon Huat (if I'm not mistaken), Roslan Jamaluddin (awesome keeper) etc.... the rest cannot remember lorr... Whenever I got time, I would watch the tournaments but only on tv lah. I was a keeper also and represented my school before. How was that? Lolz...
Definately, this is not the hockey that I am talking about.

Toinngggggg..... suddenly, these things appeared....why? Because Adidas is one of the sponsor for Project Alpha 2.... imagine the scent from these stuff....awesome!!

Wokeh, satu lagi pesanan penaja... Jgn lupa naaaa??

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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