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Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

     No g-string?? Whylah?..... Anything without string sure boring. Ehh... is it? String is like some device to attach two things together. First, it connects two things then slowly it connects more than two things. 2,4,5,50,500,5000.... bla...bla....
     Can say, string is a starter to many things; especially in communication. Remember our so-called chilhood phone?? Alah, two condensed milk can that have 2 holes at the end. Then, we tied it together with whatever string that we can afford. Taraaaaaa..... there you go; hard-earned-hand-made telephone. You hold it at one side, the other 'party' hold the other end. Bla...bla....bla....there goes the gossip.
Keadaan tin susu pekat yang belum dibuka. Apabila sudah kosong isinya, siaplah tin susu ini bertukar fungsi.

     Orite, we can say that most of the things start with string. So, in other words, the string is kinda out-dated lah. We need extra energy to carry stuff with strings. Strings need more space and so 'mafan' to keep. 
     In relationship, the well-known phrase is 'no string attached' aaaaa...... People who are not ready for any commitment love to say this phrase. " We can be close but ............" Fill in the blanks lor. Yeah, the string that connects people sometimes can be a burden as well. Strings make people feel like being controlled by the other party. Easy say, no freedom. Who; in the world, doesn't want freedom? Right, a loser!! Are you a loser?? Whatlaaa am I babling now.....

Aiyoh!! Dari tadi ku telek2.... mana dier pnya tali yea? Btuilah.... pusing kiri, pusing kanan.... yillek!!!

     Looking from its physical appearance, this stuff look sleek, practical and not 'mafan' to be carried here and there. Pendek kata, bole ditolak tengah tepi atas bawahlah. No fuss!! Patutlah ianya 'bertajuk',' No String Attached'...... oooooo, baru tauuuuuu.....

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