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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i think most of us have this bad attitude. bad attitude that is not easy to get rid of. no matter how successful the person is, there must be a little of this negative quality in him/her. procrastination can be due to laziness; that most of the people are facing with. when you are lazy, you will keep on postponing things that you need to do. laziness also due to disliking of doing particular things. for instance, mopping the floor. you keep on delaying to do the action. delay and delay but by the end, you have to do it also

procrastination kills your productivity. when you procrastinate, nothing will happen. your three-layered cabinet on your desk will be very heavy with piles of papers. the most paper will be placed at 'in' layer, nil on 'out' and more papers on 'k.i.v' section. so when you are going to fill in 'out' section? (sigh!)

people with procrastination will always give reason after a reason. take this case into account, my goal for today was to wash all my clothes. i think of doing it at night instead of doing it during daytime. why? coz the water pressure will be better at night compare during daytime. so, daytime, i was surfing, chatting, surfing, chatting till my body became aching. night came, 8 pm... i was still in front of the laptop... doing here and there things, pretending im the most busy person on earth and other planets. 9 pm..still in front here... 10...still here... and... until now im still here...what is the time now?... ya allah!!! what should i do? postpont again?..ehehhe

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