Dah Boleh Cashout Tapi Tamau

Sunday, November 23, 2008

sleepy but still don't want to sleep

i always wanted to have comfort and easiness in surfing internet. before this, i've spent lots of money, time and energy in cyber cafe just to get connected with my friends, checking emails, searching for information etc. after a while, i got a meaningful gift from important person in my life, which are devices to connect to internet world. a bunch of happiness rushed all over to me and i am so thankful to have such an understanding husband who witnesses my thick and thin experience during searching for more and more things in my life. i hope my favourite thing will not be a destroyer to myself too as most of the time were spent here than real life. i hope it could be much more better when i can accept this my so-called lifestyle as easy, simple but meaningful. also, the hope of having time and discipline to manage this new blog.

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