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Monday, November 24, 2008

'Upin dan Ipin'

today woke up late again. last nite we went to my in-laws. thought of sleeping when returning back but... my son urged to watch 'upin dan ipin' which was given by his aunt. sigh!! my wish to sleep early n wake up early as well has ruined. i ended up accompanied him watched all 17 series. alhamdulillah! each series was only 10 minutes.

i believe that since it was aired in tv9 last year, 'upin dan ipin' had gained respective attention not only the children but adults as well. moral values such as respecting elders, obligation to faith n religion, friendship etc that have been highlighted in the series will influence the children; bit by bit if not all in one go. for instance, when both of the twins asked for rewards when they have successfully fasting, the 'Opah' adviced them not to ask for something as rewards when doing things that is a must in religion. she stressed that to be a good boy, both of them must do it honestly. then, the twins accepted it in order to be a good boy and get good deeds. this scene fascinated me as it was so fine and not harsh to send message to small children towards understanding the religion better.

'upin dan ipin' can be viewed during fasting month each year and im always looking forward to watch it and witness its story line and how the production team deliver it to the audience.

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