Dah Boleh Cashout Tapi Tamau

Monday, November 15, 2010


     Once upon sometime, in the Lova-Lova 'Poyo' Kingdom; there lived a lovely to puke 'little' princess named Princess Akuzle. She was the first lady boss to rule the biggest kingdom in history. How she becomes the leader?? Only God knows.... 
      This 'lovely' Princess loved to spend time almost 2-3 hours a day just to pose and talk to her talking mirror. She named the mirror as 'Mir' as it sounds manly, tough and macho just like 'darkbatman' Aie.
     One more thing, the Princess has a big wardrobe that she kept all of her beauty treasures and the most precious to her were some wigs. Let us witness the Princess' Diary...

Trying very hard to fit in some of her favourite wigs... and she began to wish,"Mirr on the wall, who got the most tangled hair amongst all in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and some say Batam?"
      Without further delay, Mirr answered,"None but only.....


" and YOU again!!"

      So the Princess was so happy until she said," If I had Rapunzel's Hair.... I wish to...."
1. Supply extension hair to all local salon (including '10 Cuts Below' and 'Midal Lasson') in Lova-Lova 'Poyo'  including Nuffnang Valley and Churp-Churp Jaya at a very reasonable price.

2. Offer towing service to all Nuffies,Nuffnangers and Churpers for free.

3. Be a shampoo and conditioner model for 'Enjoice' product.

 4. Open a factory that produces broom from 'volunteer' hair donor to promote reuse of unwanted 'rubbish' for 'Go Green' Campaign.
      After 3 hours wasting spending time with her Mirr, she plans to watch the movie stars by her favourite 'actress' for a lifetime, non-the-less... Rapunzel!!


      So my dear Nuffnangers out there, come and join me n the rest for this contest....don't let me do this to you....


- zuriey - said...

comelnya kakak kita ni..hehe..goodluck!!

Eazy Izzuddin said...

lawa rambut akak..

x sbr tgk cter neh..

akuzle said...

zuriey: eheheh, gara2 nunggu awk neh.. tp ok gaks, kalo x krn nunggu awk, x laa akak tau psl 'black queen' neh... tq, dik... ahhahhahahah

eazy: btui2, plan nk bwk Imran tgk..sure dier suker.. dier sebok nk tgk citer 'krayon'... dier tatau citer org tua tuh..psl dier ske kaler krayon jeks...ehehehhe

Iris Asli said...

adoi la. creative and funny! XD

akuzle said...

iris asli: terhibur? alhamdulillah...tq 4 stopping by, dik...senang2 weeewonnggg2 lagik eks sini? ehehehhehe...