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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

long vacation

it has been a while since my last post. the internet connection is getting worse that make me think standard of our country's broadband development is so slow and outdated compare to the neighbouring country. i wonder when will our internet network would be stable as it always disturbed with the reason of 'upgrading the system' (what is upgraded actually..).

normally, when go surfing for the 1st day, the connection is satisfactory but then, the next day, things would be different. or, like the 1st week i obtained my broadband connection, the network was good and i thought it would be fine till the end. unfortunately, i was wrong. it became worse for the following week. sigh!!

because of the interruption, i spent hours and hours in front of my laptop, not because of loads of information that i gained, but due to waiting of the page to load successfully... so pathetic!!

being a teacher, i have the previlege of enjoying year-end school holiday before the new year. i am kinda thankful for that but sometimes i felt bored too. felt that maybe i could do something to improve my proficiency in anything of my interests. but, as i wrote earlier, procrastination is still a big and powerful enemy (lame excuse...again!!)

as long as we think that our enemy is stronger and mightier than us, we are a LOSER!! we know our weaknesses but we do nothing to make it better. yadda...yadda.... when am i going to kick all those things in my life??.....ehehehehe... do i have good answers for that? i hope so....