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Friday, December 25, 2009

Akhirrrnyaaaa..... ( HP Future Is..... Nurture )

     Setelah beberapa lama, kami berjaya mendapatkan pc untuk Imran. Maka selepas ini tiadalah sesi perebutan laptop atau masa menunggu yang lama bagi orang yang selepasnya untuk menggunakan laptop itu. Syukur alhamdulillah aku panjatkan kepada Allah yang maha kaya lagi mengasihani hambaNya, kerana mengurniakan rezeki ini. Hahahahha.... sekarang pun aku tengah 'menikmati' masa-masa 'keemasan' berdua2an dengan laptop aku neh. Imran? tengah mengadap komputer baru beliau, main game lorrrrr.... appa lagikkk... tp bkn itu ajer... beliau juger agak 'hardcore' dlm. surfing terutama mengenai kereta, Dora, Diego, Wonderpets & Spongebobs yg beliau minati. Bkn game ajer tau....

Punyolaaa bersungguh-sungguh 'menelaah' game kt pc......ehehehheeehhe

Beliau ngah menerai game yg baru didpti ( bkn game baru, dh sizen game neh tp br dpt kt beliau...eheheh)

     During my time (waaayyyyy back then....), the word 'computer' means prestige, 'the only rich people stuff', need more money, expensive... yadda, yadda, bla....blaaa...blaaa.... that was really out of my reach. I only can think of it. In my secondary years, joining 'Kelab Komputer' is only a dream for me. Why? Because of its rm10 fees!! Expensive? Can say.... or the honestly true fact is, my parents think that it's a waste of money investing in nuthing. Yeah, computer is nothing. That time ( for certain people ), the only way to study, excell, get good results etc was only through textbook and nothing else. Textboook, FULLSTOP!
     But, thanks Allah.... nowdays, we have a superb creation that can take us to anywhere.... just by sitting in your room. And what is that?? Nothing than a computer; or lappy or whatever you call it. I remember when I got my first pay, I can't think of anything else than a computer in my room. Then, after a journey to Plaza Imbi, a set of pc was in my room. My heart felt like dancing and bouncing as finally I got what i dreamt for. Starting from that moment, no turning back for me in doing and experiencing what i love most; chatting and surfing.
     Being modern parents, I do not want my Imran Zamir to experience the same hard moment in his life, especially in utilizing technology in his daily routine. As far as we can, we provide him with a 2nd. hand pc which we can afford. Since he was a baby, Imran showed very high enthutiasm in computers. Most of the time, he discover functions of programme that I do not know; and that portrays a very good sign of a success in nurturing your new generations in IT. I wish I could tell people especially parents out there not to over spend on so-called brand new cars, imported and branded furnitures but rather on technology. I dare to guarantee that there are big gaps especially level of thinking between children without computer and children who have computer and internet connection. Have faith on me!!
     'Speaking' on 'HP's Future Is' Contest, I'd rather say that what future mean to me is to nurture our new generations with ethical and good way of internet surfing, enhancing the awareness to the children. It can be done in new, cheerful way by instilling the laws and regulations in school syllabus but make it across the curriculum. For instance, teaching surfing ethiquette in ICTL subject. By doing this, children will know what good and bad things in cyber world subconsciously. Hence, be sure to put it into interesting, cheerful and colourful way!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

CINTA & KeCeWa.....ahhh bosan!!!

     "Putus sudah.... kasih syg...", ingat tak rangkap lagu ini? Rasanya ciptaan Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee... mendayu2 smpai terlentok2... kena plaks yang dengar tuh baru kecewa bercinta... Dan-dan jer lagu neh jadik lagu tema perpisahan....huh!!! lesu... layuuuu... lembik.... tergolekkk!!!

      Dewasa ini kita selalu meng'komplen' bangsa dan diri sendiri yang layu, lesu, tidak produktif, 'low-mentality' ( sewel??) & bermacam lagilah. Sampai tak larat nak mendengar dan membacanya. Punca?? Salah satunya inilah... dek kerana generasi muda kita disua dan disogokkan dengan 'hidangan2' murah dan lesu... Aku tertarik dengan analogi Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil dalam MHI pagi tadi....yang aku namakan 'gajah dengan tali'.... Ustaz berkata lebih kurang gini," Gajah sarkas, dari kecil ditambat dengan tali. Kemudian ia meronta-ronta ingin melepas diri tetapi tidak berjaya. Dicuba lagi, tidak berjaya. Masih mencuba tetapi tetap gagal sehingga ia besar. Apabila besar, ia tidak mencuba lagi kerana sudah mengetahui yang cubaannya tidak akan berhasil. Padahal, tali yang dahulunya besar dari dirinya kini sudah seperti tidak mampu lagi menahan tenaganya. (ibarat kalau sekali rentap, habis bersepai sahaja rantai yang maha kecil itu). Jadi, hiduplah gajah itu dengan 'fahaman' yang diterapkan sejak dari kecil, hidupnya untuk ditambat, begitulah juga kesudahan hidupnya"..... ini sebenarnya pemahaman aku dari analogi ustaz itu, bukan sebijik2 rakam apa yang ustaz cakap..... Bila aku fikir2 balik, memanglah betulnya.... dengan keadaan, situasi dan perilaku orang-orang Malaysia sekarang.... bukan aku nak rujuk pada Melayu sahaja... tetapi bila aku sudah sebut 'MALAYSIA' itu maksudnya 'MALAYSIAN'.... What make MALAYSIA? What make MALAYSIAN??... Ask yourself... Bagi mereka yang beranggapan MALAYSIA ini milik bangsa tertentu sahaja, yang mempunyai taraf minda 'tertentu' sahaja, sedar dan bangunlah bahawa,' 1 JARI MENUNJUK KE ARAH ORANG LAIN, 4 JARI LAGI MENUNJUK PADA DIRI SENDIRI'.... hanya kita sendiri yang menentukan di mana kita berada, bukan orang lain, bukan 'bangsa' lain... kerana BANGSA MALAYSIA ADALAH 1... BUKAN HANYA MELAYU, BUKAN HANYA ISLAM TETAPI SEMUA KAUM CINA, INDIA, SERANI, SIKH, IBAN, BIDAYUH, MURUT, KADAZAN, ASLI (SEMUA SUKU), BAJAU DSB (sorry aku bukan hafal semuanya).... BUDDHA, HINDU, KRISTIAN, hatta ATHEIS sekalipun.... ingatlah, dalam kad pengenalan kita, walaupun ditulis bangsa berlainan tapi ianya hanya bangsa fizikal... 'bangsa' hati kita iaitu integriti dan ruangan warganegara ditulis,'warganegara' yang bermaksud warga MALAYSIA.... semua adalah sama.... Jadi, ingat2lah dan mari kita refleksi diri.

     In conclusion, remember my dear MALAYSIAN, don't think that you are nothing (of being MALAYSIAN) but instead, see yourselves as GREAT to make a 'negara & bangsa' that have high integrity & responsibility to your own country!!

p/s: I hope my beloved students & colleages can read this with open heart.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


     I love snapping photos. I appreciate good photos. What is a good photo? Good photos speak on its own. No need a pile mile explanation accompaning it. Only a short and sweet caption is enough. I'll upload photos of my favourite when I feel like to do so...laterrr... ehehehheeh
     To snap photos, what do you need? Gooodddd, class.... a camera!!! I remember my first camera, a Yashica. It was bought in late 90-ties and operated with two AA batteries. It used a roll-film which should be saved and thriftied if your friend as for it!! hahahah... model... couldn't remember.... but the most vulnerable memory is, I bought it with  Wataniah's allowance which is my own money!! (from Wataniah allowance as well, I bought a Casio watch).... I think i used the camera for several years until it malfunctioned due to always dropped on hard floor. So sad!! But truly, it served me well... I don't have its photo but I have snapped the second camera that we bought loonggggg after I 'lost' that Yashica.... "Yashica, you are always on my mind!"

     The 2nd. camera had a story behind the purchase of it. Actually, after the 'lost' of the Yashica; I was so frustrated  & decided to be a 'widow' without any presence of a camera ( ala2 patah hati laaa neh ). I think it was 4-5 years indeed. Until I got married ( no longer a widow w/o married....eheheh) and have my son. For my son, i decided to snap his photos from he was born until he grow up. So, everytime on his birthday; I'll snap photos then I'll put in his particular album so that he, ourselves & other ppl can see his growth. On his first birthday, I was worried as I didn't have any camera & also couldn't afford one. My generous hub worked very hard by searching cheapest camera in town. Alhamdulillah, we were in PP then so he managed to get a rm45 camera bought using the credit card. OK, I thought the photos will be good despite its price. But, after we took the photos from the shop, I felt like crying... the photos were all blurrrrrr!!! But not that we can't see them, they were just not that clear.... During my son's annual show that night, I saw one boy using the same camera & this memory came to my mind.... looking to my latest 'baby' camera now, I feel so thankful... "Alhamdulillah!! Bersyukurku pd Allah Rabbul Jallil".

     The third camera we had is a Grandvision. The model.... you see 4 yourself... I'm lazy of remembering not-so-benefitial numbers....ahahahahha.... This one use memory card, no longer roll-film, advanced a bit lah!! hehehehhe... I think i woul not 'usher' another camera after this one but it happened the other way round. Why? Because this GV works well under enough rays only but not at night. If you feel like using in a hall or any dark area, just go back to sleep lah. Also, it doesn't has anti-shock so if you are nervous & shivering type, say 'babai' to use this camera. Only myself & my hub know how to' tame' it & we might end up fighting with other 'uncertified photographer' who actually; in the beginning helping us snapping our photos! Gila kan? hahahahhaha.... Anywy, take a glance of this GV camera which served me even not that well.....ehehehhehe


     The latest 'baby'.... aiyahhh!! You guys see in my previous entry lah... Even only the same model not the actual mine, it's enough for now. When i buy 'something' that can snap it, I'll publish it here.... ok? ehehehh... Till then, chiouuuu!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Date

     That day we took leave together for our son's annual concert at night. As for me, I'm always waiting for this moment. Wait a minute, this year i think this is the 1st time we do it. See how long has my hub doing his o.t without fail. And, deep in my heart, i really appreciate that. Even sometimes he seems like ignoring me & Imran, it doesn't really happen like what I see outside.
     That day, after Subuh prayer, we rested for a while then i let him prepared Imran for his kindergarten ( only rehearsal for the night ). After sending Imran to TSAR, we went for breakfast in 1 of his friend's stall in TDH. Having warm nasi lemak together with aromatic teh tarik was a precious moment which i can't compare to anything else. Even though it may look simple & nothing, but it was really like moving on time machine; 'witnessing' my hub's childhood and teenager's time long time ago. He told about the friend, his mother's stall, the rojak uncle, how delicious this uncle's rojak, together with sad story that happened to rojak's uncle late daughter ( may Allah blessed her in peace ...aminn!!! ). When it was time to pay for the food, both friend's mother and the rojak uncle still recognized my hub. Amazed, I asked my hub what does the uncle do for his life? My hub explained that he was the tok siak ( a person who does call for azan & some times lead the prayer as imam ).... Without hesitation, i expressed gratefulness upon knowing that. Why? I remembered, i read some where that people who recite and memorize Al-Quran will have strong memory and will not fotget things easily. Subhanallah!! I praise Allah for that.... The uncle's age is 70-ties and he can still cut things into small part without any spectacles!! ( the uncle was cutting long beans & my hub said he does that just to spend time forgetting his late daughter.... how sad!!)
      Ok, I'm a bit drifted away.... what i want to say just now? errrmmm....oklaaa, see the photos laaa

Coba2 nk pose dlm keta...

X sangka plaks terkontrol ayu...ehehhehe... i love the tudung!!!

ok, shot bwh...ehehhehehe

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kasih Sayang

     Semlm g skola, nk bereskan kje2 yg belum selesai. Tp, x selesai2 jugaks.... dh bored tuh, amek gambo ajerlaaa... nasib baik ader teman... ehehehheh

Pose berlaga pipi...

Yang cium pipi Mama...

Mama plaks cium pipi Yang... mwaahhhhh!!!


Imran neh ala2 iklan obat gigi jeks... Padahal dh bpe hari baru gosok gigi tuh...miahahhaah

Nak, blk umah nnti yer kalo nk tito jeks.... ehehehhehe, pdhal Mama yg mantok banget neh.. kt meja blakang tuh koje x sesiap.

Ini bkn shot kt skola... Saja nk letak pic ngan kwn baru yg dikenali kt Tagged. This is Fida, guru yg glemer. Lawa mcm artis you...hehehhe... Bersama anakanda tersyg, Amira... very adorable, smart & pretty. Thanks, Fida coz sudi jmpa i. Siap g amek kt umah lagik... Hope to see you again...

Monday, November 23, 2009

My First Translation Workshop

     Lazy to write. Later lah.... 4 now, enjoice the photos 1st....

1st. masterpiece....lolz

the teacher in responsibility.

She's so inspiring...

Tan, all the way from Ipoh; just to 'know' Pn. Ainon... inspiring as well.

New friends; Rozlili & Pn. Ainon.

Tired face after morning till evening class... but really i gained a lot!! & I got bonus too... knowing many new friends as they are FBners,bloggers, writers and translators.

From right: Haeqal Zulqarnain, Zamri Mohamad & Irfan Jani... talented young writers that have critical thinking.

That's all for today. When i'm hardworking again i'll do the uploading....tata!! 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tadika Seri Anak Ria Annual Concert

     19/11/2009 was the first concert performance ever 4 my Imran Zamir. B4 that, he was very hardworking enough to practice n practice everyday. Tq to Miss Kas, his class teacher together with Miss Yap n Mrs. Ng for instilling confidence in him for the performance and well-behaviour. Kudos to Tadika Sri Anak Ria in Tmn. Datok Hormat, PJ.

the background

the dedicated Miss Kas... n good in stage make-ups as well...ehehhehe

Imran & abah... my precious


the supporter that night.


The make-up artist... Aunty Ejot.....ehehhehe

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hadiah Dari Suami tercinta

atas permintaan seorang teman, aku upload pics hadiah dari hubby aku sempena bday yg ke-31 neh...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


6/11/2009... genap hidup aku yg. ke-31... tiada apa yg diharapkan selain kesihatan yg baik, dikurniakan rezeki yg berkat, iman yg tidak goyah & pengakhiran hidup yg mendpt keredhaan Allah Azza Wajalla....

sambutannya tidaklah grand mana, tp meriah.... kebetulan pula tahun ini hari jadi aku jatuh tergolek pada hari Jumaat so alhamdulillah... mlm jumaat, hub bwk aku g sambar kamera yg aku idam2kan... alhamdulillah! tq kt suamiku tersyg coz seboleh2nya dia akan penuhi segala kehendak dan permintaan aku. aku cuba menjadi isteri yg baik (time dpt hadiah bole laa janji....miahahahhahah...jahat btuilah). hari Khamis b4 sme org balik, mmg aku dh pesan kt kengkwn supaya pakai baju cantik2 esoknya. ader yg saspens, x kureng juger yg dh tau (coz aku dh kepochi awai2 lagik..hekhehhek..). pada mulanya, niat aku hanya nk amek gambo ngan bakal kamera yg akan dibeli pd mlm nnti...

pagi Jumaat, tetiba aku terpk,"dh suruh org pkai baju cantik2, x kan x der aper2 kots?" means, mkn2 ker or at least a cake. tetiba terlintas plaks nk beli kek utk jamu kwn2 kt skola. maklumlaaa, x penah aku buat b4. so lps mndi, aku terus bergegas ke Sunway Pyramid utk sambar kek lah. tak sampai sejam, aku blk dgn menjinjing 2 biji kek, 1 yg besar utk kt skola. yg lg 1 yg kecik utk aku potong2 n mkn2 ngan hub, Imran, parent-in-law n adik ipar aku mlm nnti. hmmmm, puas hati. kek besar perisa blueberry kegemaran aku, manakala yg kecik coklat mousse. dh mkn, wow!! mmg sedaplaaa kek2 neh. aku bli kt 'cake sense' kt Jusco Pyramid. kwn2 kt skola pon dok muji2 kata sedap2, siap tnya ader lebey tak walhal cian pd sesetengah tuh yg x dpt rasa.... tak per, insyaallah next time ader rejeki aku belanja lagik. this time aku nk beli 2 laaa plaks... coz kalo x cukup kwn2 mkn rasa ralat plaks... pd semua yg prihatin ngan bday aku yg ke-31 neh, aku appreciate sgt2... TQ, ALL!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

menonton wayang...setelah sekian lama

minggu lepas, hari jumaat, aku mengajak suamiku tercinta menonton filem terbaik FFM22, 'Papadom'... yerler, nk tgk btui ker x beshnyer spt yg digembar-gemburkan n layak ker anugerah yg diterima. Bkn aper, kan biasernyer filem kuar kt wayang dlu baru dpt dicalonkan ke mana2 festival tp lain plak kesnyer ngan garapan Afdlin neh. Mmg konfius kalo skali pk... aper2 jerlaaa... Lgpon mmg aku ske ngan hasil kje Afdlin neh. Sempoi tp ciri2 moral n kemanusiaan tidak dilupa.
g beli tiket, dpt yg hanya 5 seat jeks dr depan. Bolehlaa dr tak der, aku mls nk g lg hari esok. Dlm hati terpk,'bole tahan gaks sambutan neh'. Time nk msk tuh crowded gakslaa kt dpn panggung. Biler msk, tepat spt jangkaan mmg seat sme penuh hatta smpai yg depan skali pon. i'm impressed!!
dr mula citer lagi dh mmg seisi panggung gelak tak hengat donia... paling menarik bagi aku, kemunculan Pete Teo, salah seorang dr manusia paling kreatif kt dunia neh tp humble giler, ahli 'geng' arwah YA. Aku teringat time mula2 'kenal' c Pete neh kt 'Latte@8', pengacara JLO yg sempoi juger. Biler JLO tnya naper cover album dier imej lelaki bertubuh bdn lengkap tp tak der kepala (rasanyer body c Pete), ngan tersipu2 tuan empunya bdn tuh ckp," tak hensem maaa...". Senang yor jwb eh; padahal aku rasa cover album tuh byk rahsia n perngertian yg tersirat serta sgt kreatif. Pete Teo neh gaks penerbit projek 15Malaysia. Aku rasa watak kt dlm 'Papadom' tuh pon menggambarkan sifat sebenar PT yg teror mengkomersialkan aper yg dipercayainyer... Paham ker korg neh? Mcm melopong jeks aku tgk membacernyer. kuikuikui....
hmmm, 'Papadom'... tgk tajuknyer memula aku pk, "naper papadom?. Citer pasai makan ker neh?...bla...bla...bla..." Tapi biler tgk nama watak utama baru tau...ehehehehhe... overally, mmg layaklaa citer neh dpt mcm2 anugerah tuh (aper menda kategori aku x pula amek tau...ahahaha). Bagi aku, citer yg brilliant adalah citer yg x perlu dialog or skrip yg berjela2 bak list nk g shopping kt Tesco (free promo) tp situasi or memek muka pelakonnyer yg menggambarkan jln criter yg sebenar. Kalo skrip pjg berjela tp penonton x phm2 buat aper kan? Buang masa jeks... Ciri2 ini ada pd 'Papadom' n aku puas hati...
lagi, watak.. Biler aku tgk nama Norkhiriah antara yg memegang watak utama, aku tersenyum sendiri. Akhirnyer kuar jugek minah di kt layar perak (even dh kuar b4 this dlm filem2 YA). Minah sorg neh mmg feberet aktres aku. X sesia g blaja kt ASWARA. Paling aku suker watak dier sbgai org istimewa dlm citer kt tv3 dlu, aper tuh? yg lagu dier 'seribu thn' dendangan Imran Ajmain... mmg menjadik giler, seolah2 dier tuh bkn Norkhiriah lagi tp Nomi (watak dlm criter tuh). Bagi jeks watak aper kt dier, mmg x mengecewakan. Lagi, watak Farid Kamil. B4 this watak dier mendatar jeks, jd lelaki macho x hengat yg langsung x mencbar kredibiliti seorang pelakon. Setakat berlagak macho aper susah kan? Tp kali neh tgk dier, uiiii.... mmg meluat seh!! tang geli meli sme pon ado... taniah FK, baru neh aku x malu mengaku anda seUITM ngan aku even lain fakulti(tp 1 fac ngan adik ipar aku, nk menunjuk juger neh)...ehehehheheh. Yg lelain, mcm Que Haidar tuh mmg x dinafikan dier mmg berbakat dr dlu lagi terutama jd jantan sengalll, mcm dlm citer 'Dunia Baru' n 'Takbir Terakhir'(btui ker tajuk neh?). Watak dier sbgai 'Wajib Tayang' mmglaaa kener...eheheh. syabar juger, QH.
HMMM, nk ckp aper lg? tetiba x der idea.... eheheheh... nnti laaa smpai aku updet lagi eks? tata...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


so many things in my mind but too lazy to write... just want to wish 'Happy Bday' to my hubby... Long live, my dear.... with bless from Allah....

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Feeling

There must be some special feeling while we go through each and every phase in our life.Being born, we must be thankful to our Creator that has created us with missions on this Earth. Growing old, with spouse and children to manage; is a tough job to do. Hence, we must put it all out and try our own best to fulfill the requirement.
After several years and a bad experience in saving for our asset (adding 's' later hopefully), we are ready to search for a new own house. The criteria: house with land even not that spacious, double storey, affordable, in Shah Alam and near to almost amenities. With my qualification of government loan, Treasury allows amount that is very impossible to get new house that we want here. So, we must opt for second hand house. After some times, through here; internet; which some people said 'wasting of time, money and energy', we found a house that fulfill the criteria. There it goes, with all the processes and procedures, we are on the last stage of getting the money so that we can stuffed our newly-old house with some furniture.
Last night, the seller(ex-owner) gave a key that we have waiting for such a long time (if i can say long). So we headed to the place. There we were.... the time when my husband open the door... Some feeling get into me... That made me thought deeply," My house... Finally.."...
Putting my feet in the house, love pouring non-stop from me to 'her'. 'She' is like my new born baby; that soothes me when i see 'her'. Felt like locking the door, go into master bedroom, turn on aircond, switch off the light and bid farewell to the night. I think most of us have this feeling upon getting new 'shelter'. The weather was nice (with help from the aircond i assume)and i was a bit surprise that i hardly heard any noise (except for my new neighbour's dog). I hope my 1st, good impression can be true or even better in the future. Heads spinning of searching idea for concept, interior designing bla bla bla.... but we must consider the most crucial thing; budget!!
I hope i can make some of my dream into reality. Home sweet home means a welcoming and comfortable house that invites the owner to count moments to come back from work and lie down on comfy sofa with beloved ones. Waiting for that....

P/S: Keep on saying to my hubby," Abah, we have our own house". A house that we earn from our sweaty, hard effort. Feel blessed and satisfied, ALHAMDULILLAH!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

When you are sleepy or not feeling well.....

It was already 1 week. time flies very fast. There goes my holiday. Still have 1 week before continuing my job. Still have many papers to mark. 6 June 2009 was a time to go back to Shah Alam even though my family worked verryyy hard coaxing my husband to go back on Sunday.
11 am, we were still in PP. Traffic was okay, not so congested. We were following a black Toyota Avanza that moved very slow even it was a new one from its look. I was immersing myself into reading newspaper when suddenly my husband screamed," Allah... Allah..." for several time. Shocked, i put the paper now. Right in front of me, i saw that Avanza had 'landed' at the side of the road. Thanks Allah, there was only a drain not deep ravine. I asked my husband to pull over, as he was the only witness. The other cars from other side stop by to help. We jumped out of the car, leaving Imran alone and tried to open the Avanza's door. My attempt failed, then it worked when my husband give a hand. Upon opening the door, i felt sympathy for three little boys. One was crying but the other two remained calm even they have some injury. I get one of the boys, maybe the youngest. Blood was on his swelling forehead and from his nose and mouth. Maybe, from broken teeth. I tried to calm myself but while putting out my hand to get second boy from other helping hands, my hands were shaking like i am the one who involved in the accident. Just imagine if the accident was the worse than this one.
When all the victims were taken out of the car; some men suggested them to sit under shady trees. But the driver; father of the boys sat on the grass near his car. Suddenly, he was having concussion. The rest of the men were only watching; not knowing what to do. Then, the driver woke up and sat as nothing happened. I asked the driver and he said he was having pain on chest. I'm afraid that he had lung complication or heart complication. After calling the police, my husband said he wanted to continue the journey as it was already afternoon. Checking everything, we departured with hope that the nothing serious will happen to the driver and the family.
The wife's driver said that her husband might fell asleep. I also thought that the wife was sleeping as well when i saw her condition after getting out from the car. Falling asleep while driving happens to most of us; even my husband and myself. It is due to long journey and traffic congestion. Do we have some tips on how to overcome the two reasons? Traffic jammed, any solution for that?
Government's campaign on 'Berhenti seketika sekiranya mengantuk' should not be taken for granted. Do not think that you are strong and young enough to feel tired after a long drive. If you are not feeling well, continue your leave as it may save your life and your loved ones too. Remember, when you are sleepy or not well, do not drive.... i really mean it!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Syurga Cinta

There are 3 types of love. First, love from demons. It means when boy falls for girl, they go on dates, holding hands, making out some romance etc until the girl got pregnant.
Secondly, love from genies.The boy falls for the girl but the girl hesitate to accept his love. So, the boy goes to shaman and put spell on the girl. Poofffffff!!! Out of expectation, the girl crazily can't sleep without thinking of the boy.Soon, they got married and only Allah knows what would happen after that.
Lastly, love from Allah. The boy and the girl fall in love at the first sight. When seeing each other for the first time, the soft feeling goes gently to their heart and it's undeniable.The boy takes next step of asking her hand for marriage and the girl accept with gratefulness to Allah.Both families are not having objection as the boy go through the steps which follows religion and custom.
The explanation of love through character of 'Atuk' in the movie (handled by experienced Hisyam Ahmad Tajudin)was so simple yet easy to be understood; especially by teenagers and not-so-high-minded thinkers (take me as an life example..;-) )seems to be so brilliant. Up to what i've remembered, this is the first MIG film that is made like that. The previous movies were just ordinary spending time during weekends.
Our teenagers nowadays feel that it's not 'cool' to stay and contribute to the country.They don't feel shame to take as much as they can from the country but refuse to give back.The responsibility was put on friends' shoulder.... to be cont

Sunday, May 17, 2009

16 may 2009

first impression of 'poco2'?? not so good.... i thought it was so cheap and low class (how pessimist)dance. more over, most of the 'participants and dancers' are old skool, it never bothers me since it was first introduced in 2-3 years ago in Msia. then, while waiting for my hair to be done, i heard again the song. nothing change. life and my narrow thought was still the same.
last month, while spending my time with the family, i heard a song. yes, kinda familiar. i saw a group of people, kids and adults, young and old, teenagers and men were dancing according to the music. since then, my thought on this dance change. the dance that have been prejudiced before becomes 1 of the way to keep sweating. the moves makes our heart pumps better and improves blood circulation. well, need to swallow back my arrogant thought and try this dance.
today, i got the chance to try it. but, it was only about 15 minutes and even worst, i still cannot understand and catch the moves. urhhhhhhh.... so pathetic!! thinking of joining 'poco2' in Anggerik Mall when i'm ready. realized that i seldom; i mean...very much seldom keep my heart pounds faster and more active. it's the time....

while i was busy (really busy?) during my bro in-law's wedding last weekend, my hp doesn't stop vibrating and ringing of receiving messages. kinda mad. but when i press the button 'read' on the keypad, my 'hotty' feeling inside felt like been watering with ice. there were wishes of 'happy mother's day'...... i smiled all the way then.... that are some good feeling of being a mother; having 'a soccer team' of children or even only a child, the feeling and 'calling' name is still the same; mother. sometimes, you feel good when your children listen and obey you. also, you will feel tired, down and all negative feeling when your loved ones talk back to you; don't want to listen to you at all. the feeling is soooo deep that you think it's better for you not to have children at all. but, when you are at workplace, far apart from you children, you feel to hug your children so much; not letting them go. i believe all of thoughtful parents feel the same way...


what do you want for teacher's day? your dream present from students? a scarf? a brooch? an original Tupperware container? a Farrero Roche? a bouquet of flower? what do want? my answer; obedient students are just enough. the students are proud to give their favourite teachers something. more expensive are batter as the teacher will love them more. it's their thought that lingers in their head. but, again i stressed that my best present would be students who don't even dare to let their eyes away from me when i'm explaining tips to write a summary. my best present that i'm waiting for is only an obedient students (the more, the better), that won't talk back to me, complaining of too much work and homework i give them; and questioning why they need to do those boring exercise. i'm longing for best present of obedient students that will follow all my instructions and take all their responsibilities for their betterment as well. does my luck is good enough this year to get that very precious present?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

uncheck book

yesterday i took MC. after finishing particular works, so i decided to finish another work by taking MC. i need rest though. so, on thurs, i put all the unmark exercise books into car boot. a pile of if, from 4 classes i've been teaching. today, sat... i consume flu medication and end up feeling dizzy. tried to sleep but can't. so i ended up in front of the laptop...ahhahaha, thats typical excuse of not doing premier work rite? the dizzyness was just stopped. my attention sometimes moved to tv3's 'cerekarama', 'azan yg syahdu' ker apa the title. it's a good telemovie actually... a story of 'good and well-behaved' GRO. everyday when she finished her work, on the way back, she fancy to listen to azan-call of prayers. until one day, she met with a blind guy. and he was the guy who did the'azan' every dawn. it was so interesting how they met. complement each other. one of the dialogue that has big impact is," pakaian seseorang tidak mencerminkan peribadinya". how true is that? how many GRO that have the same feeling in this telemovie? there is but i think the case is not that much; that the GRO doesn't have other choice to get extra money, to take care of her mother and sister's college fee. not many people are willing to do such sacrifice...
hmmm, with that leaves my student's exercise book still unmark...huhuhhuhu

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is it ok?

in a day, if im not on the line, im sooo happy. but, if im offline, i think something is missing. then, i open up my laptop, turn it on and i ll stuck there for ages. sometimes to the next 6 or 7 hours. people who dont know about how nice, cheerful and invigorating being on net will think that im insane. so, i hope someone out there that have the same habit as me, plz explain to them the feeling.....hehehehehehehe

can i get contaminated by any whatsoever reaction or radioactive or bla bla bla that comes from the screen? but, hey...sometimes i feel dizzy and headache after 6-7 hours staring at it. is it still ok?...eheheheh

do the detoxification programme can wash away and spring clean these radicals from my body? how do we know? any proof? or can we say that it is gone after certain days we feel refreshed? im waiting for the day... counting..counting...

but, when the day come, means holiday is over too....owh, no!! the holiday is only name, not really mean it is a true holiday. i suppose to finish my work but im still here....noooo!!! no wonder my most favourite song is 'Feel' and the singer is Robbie Williams.... do you want to listen to the song and give your own and honest interpretation?...... hit me for that....

Saturday, February 28, 2009


perasaan itu hadir lagi. Malah, ia selalu mengambil sedikit ruang dalam diri. Adakah dia nih mmg ada dan wujud dalam diri semua manusia dan akan keluar bila masanya tiba? seperti sekarang?? erm.... mengantuk pon yer nih.... tp psl dh lama tak letak entry so tibai ajerlaa... mlm neh plan nk g tgk 'Geng'. Booking online but full already. Nak g beli now malaih laa plaks... huhuu, x dapeklaaa org nk nulong tuh....eheheheheh. Kalo g bli now, dh rm1 utk parking, mlm nnti sehengget lagik, kos2...maklumlah kne jimat weh...erm, sleepy... feel like sleeping... my son is in his own 'popeye' n 'wonderful pets' n mama with her nutty laptop..ahhahaah

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Malaikat Maut

This was earlier title for latest Bade's film. From TMO 'Maut', Bade said that it was changed to 'Maut' as adviced by FINAS. I am sure that if the title remains, more movie-goers will pack up the cinema. Hence, from religion and custom angle; it sounds scary and may distract some viewers.

Many people; to be exact, so-called modern generations are hardly believe on invicible things. What are they? Ghosts, jins(genie), entities etc...Are they really exist? Or just your illusion? Think back... of our faith. Can we see our Creator? But we still believe that Allah is everywhere. Not to put our Mighty Allah same level as those stated, but just to make some example of things that we take for granted. Also, some mysterious thing that happens without explanation. When one explains something that cannot be accepted by logic or science, the person will be seen as insane and lost of mind. Why people around cannot stop for a while, listen and try to investigate whether it can be proved?

Labeling others is some of our bad attitude. Having thought of putting these group of people is like this and that seems to be one of our inherited attributes. Thinking that people out of our group (of races and religion to be exact)is better and civilized than ours is definately unfair. As different people have various strength, worshipping other human creature that leads to handicapping our faith towards the Creator should be taken seriously.

Repentance... what gear to it? Inner or outside factor? Do all people have chance to repent? Hopefully we are amongst the chosen even we are not as obedient as angel..

Wow!! Am i too serious? If you feel like to agitate your inner self... go watch 'maut'... free promo...eheheh

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not an easy job

People say that many things are different from before and nowdays. Children before were so obedient compare to modern kids. The kids before were followed parent's adviced. When the parents say no, means its a no. No compromise or discussion. Nowdays, when the children were told not to do things, they can ask the older back reasons why some things are prohibited. As for the older, just get prepared with reasonable answers or the kids will talk back or complaint. Thats the difference.

Talking about career, some people think that some jobs are easy compared to other job. How could they know? only by seeing it from far. Is it really easy or just looks easy? Doesn't mean that it looks easy, it is an easy job too. It is unfair to say so without experiencing it on their own. So, before we jump into conclusion, please take into account some possible reasons for some things.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

6 challenging years

i have never thought that i will be someone's wife 7 years ago. i thought that marriage is for perfect n beautiful people. falling in love is common but to own a love is impossible 4 me as well. Knowing him, don't even think to fall in love, nor sharing life with him too. Seems like everything happened very fast. i knew him, befriended, falling in love, engaged and now im still his wife. hope our 'jodoh' will last forever.

cant deny that from 2003-2009 many things happened. but as the older said, "asam garam kehidupan", both side have to compromise each other. That's the most essential quality a married couple should have. don't be jelous of any simple and easy things but rather investigate and have positive thinking ahead. insyaalah, everything would be fine. always pray 4 the best to Allah.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

puteraku turns 4...

pejam celik, pejam celik... dah 1430 hijrah. dh bertambah lagi setahun umur kita semua. erm... thn neh my son masuk tadika. my hub n i sepakat daftarkan imran zamir kt tadika yg ader 3 medium bahasa; BM, BI n MANDARIN. nk tgk cemana our son trima ker tak bahasa ketiga tuh.