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Friday, December 25, 2009

Akhirrrnyaaaa..... ( HP Future Is..... Nurture )

     Setelah beberapa lama, kami berjaya mendapatkan pc untuk Imran. Maka selepas ini tiadalah sesi perebutan laptop atau masa menunggu yang lama bagi orang yang selepasnya untuk menggunakan laptop itu. Syukur alhamdulillah aku panjatkan kepada Allah yang maha kaya lagi mengasihani hambaNya, kerana mengurniakan rezeki ini. Hahahahha.... sekarang pun aku tengah 'menikmati' masa-masa 'keemasan' berdua2an dengan laptop aku neh. Imran? tengah mengadap komputer baru beliau, main game lorrrrr.... appa lagikkk... tp bkn itu ajer... beliau juger agak 'hardcore' dlm. surfing terutama mengenai kereta, Dora, Diego, Wonderpets & Spongebobs yg beliau minati. Bkn game ajer tau....

Punyolaaa bersungguh-sungguh 'menelaah' game kt pc......ehehehheeehhe

Beliau ngah menerai game yg baru didpti ( bkn game baru, dh sizen game neh tp br dpt kt beliau...eheheh)

     During my time (waaayyyyy back then....), the word 'computer' means prestige, 'the only rich people stuff', need more money, expensive... yadda, yadda, bla....blaaa...blaaa.... that was really out of my reach. I only can think of it. In my secondary years, joining 'Kelab Komputer' is only a dream for me. Why? Because of its rm10 fees!! Expensive? Can say.... or the honestly true fact is, my parents think that it's a waste of money investing in nuthing. Yeah, computer is nothing. That time ( for certain people ), the only way to study, excell, get good results etc was only through textbook and nothing else. Textboook, FULLSTOP!
     But, thanks Allah.... nowdays, we have a superb creation that can take us to anywhere.... just by sitting in your room. And what is that?? Nothing than a computer; or lappy or whatever you call it. I remember when I got my first pay, I can't think of anything else than a computer in my room. Then, after a journey to Plaza Imbi, a set of pc was in my room. My heart felt like dancing and bouncing as finally I got what i dreamt for. Starting from that moment, no turning back for me in doing and experiencing what i love most; chatting and surfing.
     Being modern parents, I do not want my Imran Zamir to experience the same hard moment in his life, especially in utilizing technology in his daily routine. As far as we can, we provide him with a 2nd. hand pc which we can afford. Since he was a baby, Imran showed very high enthutiasm in computers. Most of the time, he discover functions of programme that I do not know; and that portrays a very good sign of a success in nurturing your new generations in IT. I wish I could tell people especially parents out there not to over spend on so-called brand new cars, imported and branded furnitures but rather on technology. I dare to guarantee that there are big gaps especially level of thinking between children without computer and children who have computer and internet connection. Have faith on me!!
     'Speaking' on 'HP's Future Is' Contest, I'd rather say that what future mean to me is to nurture our new generations with ethical and good way of internet surfing, enhancing the awareness to the children. It can be done in new, cheerful way by instilling the laws and regulations in school syllabus but make it across the curriculum. For instance, teaching surfing ethiquette in ICTL subject. By doing this, children will know what good and bad things in cyber world subconsciously. Hence, be sure to put it into interesting, cheerful and colourful way!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

CINTA & KeCeWa.....ahhh bosan!!!

     "Putus sudah.... kasih syg...", ingat tak rangkap lagu ini? Rasanya ciptaan Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee... mendayu2 smpai terlentok2... kena plaks yang dengar tuh baru kecewa bercinta... Dan-dan jer lagu neh jadik lagu tema perpisahan....huh!!! lesu... layuuuu... lembik.... tergolekkk!!!

      Dewasa ini kita selalu meng'komplen' bangsa dan diri sendiri yang layu, lesu, tidak produktif, 'low-mentality' ( sewel??) & bermacam lagilah. Sampai tak larat nak mendengar dan membacanya. Punca?? Salah satunya inilah... dek kerana generasi muda kita disua dan disogokkan dengan 'hidangan2' murah dan lesu... Aku tertarik dengan analogi Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil dalam MHI pagi tadi....yang aku namakan 'gajah dengan tali'.... Ustaz berkata lebih kurang gini," Gajah sarkas, dari kecil ditambat dengan tali. Kemudian ia meronta-ronta ingin melepas diri tetapi tidak berjaya. Dicuba lagi, tidak berjaya. Masih mencuba tetapi tetap gagal sehingga ia besar. Apabila besar, ia tidak mencuba lagi kerana sudah mengetahui yang cubaannya tidak akan berhasil. Padahal, tali yang dahulunya besar dari dirinya kini sudah seperti tidak mampu lagi menahan tenaganya. (ibarat kalau sekali rentap, habis bersepai sahaja rantai yang maha kecil itu). Jadi, hiduplah gajah itu dengan 'fahaman' yang diterapkan sejak dari kecil, hidupnya untuk ditambat, begitulah juga kesudahan hidupnya"..... ini sebenarnya pemahaman aku dari analogi ustaz itu, bukan sebijik2 rakam apa yang ustaz cakap..... Bila aku fikir2 balik, memanglah betulnya.... dengan keadaan, situasi dan perilaku orang-orang Malaysia sekarang.... bukan aku nak rujuk pada Melayu sahaja... tetapi bila aku sudah sebut 'MALAYSIA' itu maksudnya 'MALAYSIAN'.... What make MALAYSIA? What make MALAYSIAN??... Ask yourself... Bagi mereka yang beranggapan MALAYSIA ini milik bangsa tertentu sahaja, yang mempunyai taraf minda 'tertentu' sahaja, sedar dan bangunlah bahawa,' 1 JARI MENUNJUK KE ARAH ORANG LAIN, 4 JARI LAGI MENUNJUK PADA DIRI SENDIRI'.... hanya kita sendiri yang menentukan di mana kita berada, bukan orang lain, bukan 'bangsa' lain... kerana BANGSA MALAYSIA ADALAH 1... BUKAN HANYA MELAYU, BUKAN HANYA ISLAM TETAPI SEMUA KAUM CINA, INDIA, SERANI, SIKH, IBAN, BIDAYUH, MURUT, KADAZAN, ASLI (SEMUA SUKU), BAJAU DSB (sorry aku bukan hafal semuanya).... BUDDHA, HINDU, KRISTIAN, hatta ATHEIS sekalipun.... ingatlah, dalam kad pengenalan kita, walaupun ditulis bangsa berlainan tapi ianya hanya bangsa fizikal... 'bangsa' hati kita iaitu integriti dan ruangan warganegara ditulis,'warganegara' yang bermaksud warga MALAYSIA.... semua adalah sama.... Jadi, ingat2lah dan mari kita refleksi diri.

     In conclusion, remember my dear MALAYSIAN, don't think that you are nothing (of being MALAYSIAN) but instead, see yourselves as GREAT to make a 'negara & bangsa' that have high integrity & responsibility to your own country!!

p/s: I hope my beloved students & colleages can read this with open heart.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


     I love snapping photos. I appreciate good photos. What is a good photo? Good photos speak on its own. No need a pile mile explanation accompaning it. Only a short and sweet caption is enough. I'll upload photos of my favourite when I feel like to do so...laterrr... ehehehheeh
     To snap photos, what do you need? Gooodddd, class.... a camera!!! I remember my first camera, a Yashica. It was bought in late 90-ties and operated with two AA batteries. It used a roll-film which should be saved and thriftied if your friend as for it!! hahahah... model... couldn't remember.... but the most vulnerable memory is, I bought it with  Wataniah's allowance which is my own money!! (from Wataniah allowance as well, I bought a Casio watch).... I think i used the camera for several years until it malfunctioned due to always dropped on hard floor. So sad!! But truly, it served me well... I don't have its photo but I have snapped the second camera that we bought loonggggg after I 'lost' that Yashica.... "Yashica, you are always on my mind!"

     The 2nd. camera had a story behind the purchase of it. Actually, after the 'lost' of the Yashica; I was so frustrated  & decided to be a 'widow' without any presence of a camera ( ala2 patah hati laaa neh ). I think it was 4-5 years indeed. Until I got married ( no longer a widow w/o married....eheheh) and have my son. For my son, i decided to snap his photos from he was born until he grow up. So, everytime on his birthday; I'll snap photos then I'll put in his particular album so that he, ourselves & other ppl can see his growth. On his first birthday, I was worried as I didn't have any camera & also couldn't afford one. My generous hub worked very hard by searching cheapest camera in town. Alhamdulillah, we were in PP then so he managed to get a rm45 camera bought using the credit card. OK, I thought the photos will be good despite its price. But, after we took the photos from the shop, I felt like crying... the photos were all blurrrrrr!!! But not that we can't see them, they were just not that clear.... During my son's annual show that night, I saw one boy using the same camera & this memory came to my mind.... looking to my latest 'baby' camera now, I feel so thankful... "Alhamdulillah!! Bersyukurku pd Allah Rabbul Jallil".

     The third camera we had is a Grandvision. The model.... you see 4 yourself... I'm lazy of remembering not-so-benefitial numbers....ahahahahha.... This one use memory card, no longer roll-film, advanced a bit lah!! hehehehhe... I think i woul not 'usher' another camera after this one but it happened the other way round. Why? Because this GV works well under enough rays only but not at night. If you feel like using in a hall or any dark area, just go back to sleep lah. Also, it doesn't has anti-shock so if you are nervous & shivering type, say 'babai' to use this camera. Only myself & my hub know how to' tame' it & we might end up fighting with other 'uncertified photographer' who actually; in the beginning helping us snapping our photos! Gila kan? hahahahhaha.... Anywy, take a glance of this GV camera which served me even not that well.....ehehehhehe


     The latest 'baby'.... aiyahhh!! You guys see in my previous entry lah... Even only the same model not the actual mine, it's enough for now. When i buy 'something' that can snap it, I'll publish it here.... ok? ehehehh... Till then, chiouuuu!!!