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Sunday, April 5, 2009

uncheck book

yesterday i took MC. after finishing particular works, so i decided to finish another work by taking MC. i need rest though. so, on thurs, i put all the unmark exercise books into car boot. a pile of if, from 4 classes i've been teaching. today, sat... i consume flu medication and end up feeling dizzy. tried to sleep but can't. so i ended up in front of the laptop...ahhahaha, thats typical excuse of not doing premier work rite? the dizzyness was just stopped. my attention sometimes moved to tv3's 'cerekarama', 'azan yg syahdu' ker apa the title. it's a good telemovie actually... a story of 'good and well-behaved' GRO. everyday when she finished her work, on the way back, she fancy to listen to azan-call of prayers. until one day, she met with a blind guy. and he was the guy who did the'azan' every dawn. it was so interesting how they met. complement each other. one of the dialogue that has big impact is," pakaian seseorang tidak mencerminkan peribadinya". how true is that? how many GRO that have the same feeling in this telemovie? there is but i think the case is not that much; that the GRO doesn't have other choice to get extra money, to take care of her mother and sister's college fee. not many people are willing to do such sacrifice...
hmmm, with that leaves my student's exercise book still unmark...huhuhhuhu