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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is it ok?

in a day, if im not on the line, im sooo happy. but, if im offline, i think something is missing. then, i open up my laptop, turn it on and i ll stuck there for ages. sometimes to the next 6 or 7 hours. people who dont know about how nice, cheerful and invigorating being on net will think that im insane. so, i hope someone out there that have the same habit as me, plz explain to them the feeling.....hehehehehehehe

can i get contaminated by any whatsoever reaction or radioactive or bla bla bla that comes from the screen? but, hey...sometimes i feel dizzy and headache after 6-7 hours staring at it. is it still ok?...eheheheh

do the detoxification programme can wash away and spring clean these radicals from my body? how do we know? any proof? or can we say that it is gone after certain days we feel refreshed? im waiting for the day... counting..counting...

but, when the day come, means holiday is over too....owh, no!! the holiday is only name, not really mean it is a true holiday. i suppose to finish my work but im still here....noooo!!! no wonder my most favourite song is 'Feel' and the singer is Robbie Williams.... do you want to listen to the song and give your own and honest interpretation?...... hit me for that....