Dah Boleh Cashout Tapi Tamau

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Pet.

     Once upon a time, fishing is my hobby. To be exact, my childhood hobby. That time, the equipments were so simple and humble as they could be. Firstly, the fishing rod. I remember, it was made by a young bamboo, that bend well. Secondly, tali tangsi or the string. Then, a pelampung that is very special. Why? As it was made from one plant that can be found around the paddy field. Lastly, the mata kail. Ok, if you have these 4 things, staright away you can make your own handmade fishing rod. Bring them to parit bank, tie here, tie there and wallah!!Your 'machine' is ready to rock!!
     If people ask the anglers, when is the best part of fishing? I, on behalf of village, childhood anglers, would like to say, when the fish pulling the bait... the feeling that time, only true anglers know... nikmat yang tidak terkatalah!!.... That time, fishing in small parit, the tali air etc was enough to fulfill the 'desire'. What kind of fish?? Only ikan puyu. A small creature but don't underestimate. This kind of fish has high survival skill and the tahan lasak type, despite of its cute looks. Personally, I always admire ikan puyu. Because of its quality mention before. But when you Google it, no helpful information you will get.

Ok, last week we went to Pasar Seksyen 6, Shah Alam. I was stunned by one man with his son selling freshwater fish as pets. Stunned by some ikan puyu sold there and other fish. Instead of saving rm10 for Imran's toy, we end up the day with rm25 new pets together with the 'tank' +  the food... That I call savinggg?? HAHAHA.... ikan puyu... reminds me of my childhood, my sweet memories as a humble, kampung girl.


Memula masuk umah, jual mahal lagik. Bagi ekor dkt aku yea? Aku buat pekasam kang...hohohoho

Nak amek gambo pon x bole, x dok diam... nakal sungguh


Baru dpt tgk muka kao...


Sorrylah korg kne bersesak2 kt dlm neh

Sebangsa tp x sebulu... akan kubeli rumah berasingan buat kamu semua.

7th. Anniversary.

     25/1/2010 was our 7th. anny. After 7 years, what have have achieved? what we have share? what we have gone through? what we have so far? Alhamdulillah!! That's the only expression that I can say as 7 years is not a small number even if we compare to life of a human in Malaysia, he/she is only in Standard 1. 7 years is good enough to recognize each others behaviour if not to understand all of it. To know & recognize and to understand are two different things that most people think they are good at. As some people say," Marriage is like juggling and gambling. You don't know when you are going to be lucky or not". True, gambling... even it is not a guarantee to get good luck, at least we try something and put faith on it. From time to time, you try your very best to fulfill things to have a happy marriage. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes to no avail; with Allah's permission...

     Marriage is sharing, tolerate, accepting each other and love. To love is to accept. Without this, can you have a so-called happy marriage?? A happy marriage?? It's up to you to define it... Responsibility? Sharing? You have the have the paper so it's up to you.... TO MY LOVELY HUBBY, TQ 4 BEING THE BEST PERSON BESIDE ME, I HOPE WE CAN GO THROUGH WITH ANOTHER SETS OF 7 IN OUR LIFE, AMIN3!!

We only have simple celebration... just 3 of us

Cannot snap together2 photo lah...


Tanda sambutan....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First MC of The Year

     Every new year, people were asked about their resolution. One of my resolution ( which is not new, just  always renew ) is working with all of my heart, always go to work early and don't simply take MC if it not really necessary. But, the resolution has been 'shattered' yesterday ( 14/1/2010 ) when my body cannot stand all the dust, smokes and the rest of pollution. The new school blocks are almost ready; now in painting stage so imagine the amount of toxic 'consume' into my body. I've to take MC, the first 1 in 2010. AArgggghhhh.... why is it so hard to be strong and tough? Or maybe because I'm not young anymore. Oklah, just to comfort myself; it's a normal thing in life to be sick. Just let the body rest 4 a while after a week of busy days. Hope this week I can finish all the work before dateline. Insyaallah!!
     Next, I should love myself more. How? maybe cut down stress level, be less angry, eat more organic food, consume anti-toxin food ( including fresh juice- whenla can i buy Jack LaLanne Power Juicer?? ). Also, after working, must go home early, must delegate time wisely; between work and family. Hmmm... seems hard but just give myself a try right? The biggest room is a room of improvement, agree??

Friday, January 8, 2010

Setelah Sekian Lama Mencari

Tgk dlu laa gegambo neh yea? kang macik masuk teks....



     Huwarrgkkhhh!!! so sleepy, lazy also a bit creepy.... so update easy2 oso ohhhh.....

Senyum paksa coz dh bored & mula 'buat perangai'

      Asik teleng ajer neh...isk3

Nompang ank org...