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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Syurga Cinta

There are 3 types of love. First, love from demons. It means when boy falls for girl, they go on dates, holding hands, making out some romance etc until the girl got pregnant.
Secondly, love from genies.The boy falls for the girl but the girl hesitate to accept his love. So, the boy goes to shaman and put spell on the girl. Poofffffff!!! Out of expectation, the girl crazily can't sleep without thinking of the boy.Soon, they got married and only Allah knows what would happen after that.
Lastly, love from Allah. The boy and the girl fall in love at the first sight. When seeing each other for the first time, the soft feeling goes gently to their heart and it's undeniable.The boy takes next step of asking her hand for marriage and the girl accept with gratefulness to Allah.Both families are not having objection as the boy go through the steps which follows religion and custom.
The explanation of love through character of 'Atuk' in the movie (handled by experienced Hisyam Ahmad Tajudin)was so simple yet easy to be understood; especially by teenagers and not-so-high-minded thinkers (take me as an life example..;-) )seems to be so brilliant. Up to what i've remembered, this is the first MIG film that is made like that. The previous movies were just ordinary spending time during weekends.
Our teenagers nowadays feel that it's not 'cool' to stay and contribute to the country.They don't feel shame to take as much as they can from the country but refuse to give back.The responsibility was put on friends' shoulder.... to be cont

Sunday, May 17, 2009

16 may 2009

first impression of 'poco2'?? not so good.... i thought it was so cheap and low class (how pessimist)dance. more over, most of the 'participants and dancers' are old skool, it never bothers me since it was first introduced in 2-3 years ago in Msia. then, while waiting for my hair to be done, i heard again the song. nothing change. life and my narrow thought was still the same.
last month, while spending my time with the family, i heard a song. yes, kinda familiar. i saw a group of people, kids and adults, young and old, teenagers and men were dancing according to the music. since then, my thought on this dance change. the dance that have been prejudiced before becomes 1 of the way to keep sweating. the moves makes our heart pumps better and improves blood circulation. well, need to swallow back my arrogant thought and try this dance.
today, i got the chance to try it. but, it was only about 15 minutes and even worst, i still cannot understand and catch the moves. urhhhhhhh.... so pathetic!! thinking of joining 'poco2' in Anggerik Mall when i'm ready. realized that i seldom; i mean...very much seldom keep my heart pounds faster and more active. it's the time....

while i was busy (really busy?) during my bro in-law's wedding last weekend, my hp doesn't stop vibrating and ringing of receiving messages. kinda mad. but when i press the button 'read' on the keypad, my 'hotty' feeling inside felt like been watering with ice. there were wishes of 'happy mother's day'...... i smiled all the way then.... that are some good feeling of being a mother; having 'a soccer team' of children or even only a child, the feeling and 'calling' name is still the same; mother. sometimes, you feel good when your children listen and obey you. also, you will feel tired, down and all negative feeling when your loved ones talk back to you; don't want to listen to you at all. the feeling is soooo deep that you think it's better for you not to have children at all. but, when you are at workplace, far apart from you children, you feel to hug your children so much; not letting them go. i believe all of thoughtful parents feel the same way...


what do you want for teacher's day? your dream present from students? a scarf? a brooch? an original Tupperware container? a Farrero Roche? a bouquet of flower? what do want? my answer; obedient students are just enough. the students are proud to give their favourite teachers something. more expensive are batter as the teacher will love them more. it's their thought that lingers in their head. but, again i stressed that my best present would be students who don't even dare to let their eyes away from me when i'm explaining tips to write a summary. my best present that i'm waiting for is only an obedient students (the more, the better), that won't talk back to me, complaining of too much work and homework i give them; and questioning why they need to do those boring exercise. i'm longing for best present of obedient students that will follow all my instructions and take all their responsibilities for their betterment as well. does my luck is good enough this year to get that very precious present?