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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Malaikat Maut

This was earlier title for latest Bade's film. From TMO 'Maut', Bade said that it was changed to 'Maut' as adviced by FINAS. I am sure that if the title remains, more movie-goers will pack up the cinema. Hence, from religion and custom angle; it sounds scary and may distract some viewers.

Many people; to be exact, so-called modern generations are hardly believe on invicible things. What are they? Ghosts, jins(genie), entities etc...Are they really exist? Or just your illusion? Think back... of our faith. Can we see our Creator? But we still believe that Allah is everywhere. Not to put our Mighty Allah same level as those stated, but just to make some example of things that we take for granted. Also, some mysterious thing that happens without explanation. When one explains something that cannot be accepted by logic or science, the person will be seen as insane and lost of mind. Why people around cannot stop for a while, listen and try to investigate whether it can be proved?

Labeling others is some of our bad attitude. Having thought of putting these group of people is like this and that seems to be one of our inherited attributes. Thinking that people out of our group (of races and religion to be exact)is better and civilized than ours is definately unfair. As different people have various strength, worshipping other human creature that leads to handicapping our faith towards the Creator should be taken seriously.

Repentance... what gear to it? Inner or outside factor? Do all people have chance to repent? Hopefully we are amongst the chosen even we are not as obedient as angel..

Wow!! Am i too serious? If you feel like to agitate your inner self... go watch 'maut'... free promo...eheheh

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not an easy job

People say that many things are different from before and nowdays. Children before were so obedient compare to modern kids. The kids before were followed parent's adviced. When the parents say no, means its a no. No compromise or discussion. Nowdays, when the children were told not to do things, they can ask the older back reasons why some things are prohibited. As for the older, just get prepared with reasonable answers or the kids will talk back or complaint. Thats the difference.

Talking about career, some people think that some jobs are easy compared to other job. How could they know? only by seeing it from far. Is it really easy or just looks easy? Doesn't mean that it looks easy, it is an easy job too. It is unfair to say so without experiencing it on their own. So, before we jump into conclusion, please take into account some possible reasons for some things.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

6 challenging years

i have never thought that i will be someone's wife 7 years ago. i thought that marriage is for perfect n beautiful people. falling in love is common but to own a love is impossible 4 me as well. Knowing him, don't even think to fall in love, nor sharing life with him too. Seems like everything happened very fast. i knew him, befriended, falling in love, engaged and now im still his wife. hope our 'jodoh' will last forever.

cant deny that from 2003-2009 many things happened. but as the older said, "asam garam kehidupan", both side have to compromise each other. That's the most essential quality a married couple should have. don't be jelous of any simple and easy things but rather investigate and have positive thinking ahead. insyaalah, everything would be fine. always pray 4 the best to Allah.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

puteraku turns 4...

pejam celik, pejam celik... dah 1430 hijrah. dh bertambah lagi setahun umur kita semua. erm... thn neh my son masuk tadika. my hub n i sepakat daftarkan imran zamir kt tadika yg ader 3 medium bahasa; BM, BI n MANDARIN. nk tgk cemana our son trima ker tak bahasa ketiga tuh.