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Saturday, October 30, 2010

World’s Coolest Intern

     Be cool or being cool? Who doesn't want to? Sure you want? What about you? And you? Are you cool enough to be the one? What is the one? The one of what? As John Travolta in 'Be Cool'? 

Thank you, Uncle Google

     Might be but just be cool the way you are. How to be cool? By joining the new reality contest named,'World's Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank'. Well, at first glance, maybe you'll be thinking of stern and monotonous stuff when you see financial element appear with this thing. AA Haaaa.!!... really it is not a dream. Standard Chartered is recruiting the coolest and the most awesome people out there as their intern and 1 post is reserved for the Nuffnanger. How cool is that?
     Ok, am I cool enough to be the intern? Are these evidence enough to qualify me as one?

1. I'm not Adibah Noor nor Amber Chia but I have 'plenty' of friends in Facebook that can pass around good news as well as bad one here and there faster than The Gaban 'changed' his suit. How cool is that?

2. Even though I'm not the first person who always greet people 'a very good morning' in Twitter; but see the number of my 'Twitt' friends, I'm also able to get in touch with the news and hotttt gossip as much as others on the net. Still not cool enough??

3. I take some effort to browse for Standard Chartered website to show that I make some homework before embracing to any contest held by my 'boss' or involving to any activities. Doing homework is the best way to learn of something you want to know before immersing yourself into the 'club'!

     Enough of those 3 reason why I should be picked as the one and only Nuffnanger to be a Standard Chartered intern!!

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