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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hurray! Mothercare Malaysia is 25 Already...

     Caring or taking care of, there is a professional touch behind it. Waking up in the middle or night or crying all over night, let one caring, reliable hands do it.

     Mothercare has been caring the world since 1961. I'm not even born yet! Then, Mothercare came to Malaysia 25 years ago to give more motherly touch to Malaysian. Since then, mommies daddies as well as grannies were getting support in raising little ones to get all the best. 
     25 years as for human, is already matured. 25 years of age and she will get to do more on her own. Make decision, getting married and had a chance to build her own family. Mothercare Malaysia is matured enough in assisting parents taking care of those bundle of joy. We are not alone. Mothercare Malaysia is always there to give us companion.

Mothercare is always with us in thick n thin.

Mothercare is a given name,
Always be there even when you are lame,
No it is not just a game,
Always be there in hall of fame.

Truly jolly with Mothercare,
Not scared even if been dare,
Heavy duty is always been bear,
Always be there, always being fair.

Happy Annivesary, dearie Mothercare Malaysia,
Yay! You are already 25,
 May you always stand beside us,
To share and cherish bitter sweet experience together!!

Sincerely from us...


[PCL] said...

wah sedondon dgn abahnyerr...meriah ye even tuh, pcl dah xlarat nk ke sana aritu..

Eliss Mie said...

baru sekali dua ajer beli barang kat mothercare ;p mahal..hehehe

@cu SaYaNg said...

belum penah lagi beli barang mothercare :D

lydzar said...

selalu masuk je mothercare, tp tak beli. memang bestcuci mata, tp blom sampai masa lagi nk cuci poket disini hihih

KhaiRin : anies said...

sy cuma tumpang senyum je

Cik Puan Muda Umi said...

pernah teman kakak g mothercare tapi mahal jugak barang situ..hihi..comel baby,putih betul..;)

prince n princess mum said...

happy 25th birthday mothercare..