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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime.

     I love to watch drama and movies. Each and every night after coming back from work, I will stuck in front of the television to watch drama or movies. Since I don't have an Astro at home, I just watch TV2 that has aired mostly blockbuster film from 1980-ies to 2000. Not bad huh?? 

     My favourite genres or themes are funny, autobiography or crime. Speaking of crime, of course NCIS and CSI are the most popular series that come in mind. The smart and experienced Taylor, Grissom and Caine are unbeatable. Maybe,  I'm getting influenced by them.

     Orite, back to the topic; the most valuable secret in my mind that I don’t want to be stolen. I would say; the memory of my integrity; who am I, where I'm from, my faith and the way I see life. I can't imagine how it would be, if.... one day, I wake up but I'm not the same person anymore. Well, I would want to have a perfect physical attribute but not my inner side. The way I think now is the best thing ever that nothing in the world could buy.

     Secondly, I don't want the memory of my family to be stolen. I must admit that my family is not the best ever but I am lucky enough to have people who love and care for me. Imagine if I was born in an orphanage or a place that is not suitable for children to grow up. Just imagine.

     This coming July promises you to witness something that you don't want to imagine or happen in you life. Any situation or story will start somewhere, that is very basic, from the beginning!!


 Can you imagine this?

     It's been a while since we watch Leo DiCaprio and 'our' lovely honey  is coming back, much more matured!! I hope I can be one of the lucky person out there to watch him first this July.

     For more info, feel free to drop by here to increase your outer motivation! ngehngehngeh.....


Kancilbiru said...

all the best ok...:)

kakinakl said...

salam..rasanya tak tenguk kot cerita ni..

akuzle said...

puan kancilbiru:tqvm...

k inakl: naper??

darkbatman said...

xminat leonardo.. aahaha

akuzle said...

aie, org laki mmglaa x minat Leo... kalo minat tuh ala2 lain mcm jeks...hohohoho