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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pokok Mangga Kontroversi

Inilah dianyer. 

     B4 I resident this house (not the house in the photo), it has been neglected for several month. I think more than 6 month. Every night, my horor-looking house seems like so dull, dirty, full of mango leaves in the porch. The uncle neighbour parked his daughter's kancil there as a sign of  'there will be people coming in...soon!!'.

     Not just the uncle, but other so-called 'neighbour' also rushing to park in front of my house; to be exact, under the mango tree. Why?? Blame the global warming so they need shade for their beloved cars. oKLAH, you wanna park, carry on.... but...... 

    Your 'permission' has been shattered/taking oppoturnity by happily park their cars right in front of my gate even smallest kitten can't enter; what more myself....

     Geram3.... to the extent of chopping down the tree!! We people always like that; diberi betis mau paha!!

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